Art should be able to generate a change in people. It doesn’t matter how. If art creates change, it has fulfilled its mission. There is no other museum in Asmterdam that offers art that generates as much controversy as the Moco Museum. This young museum, located in the popular Museumplein, is able to attract everyone’s attention. Its works seek to awaken social awareness about the problems that surround us. For a limited time, you can enjoy the Moco Museum korting (discount in Dutch) to access its revolutionary facilities. Get ready to enjoy art in an unusual way. It’s not just about seeing a painting or a sculpture. It’s about understanding what the artist is trying to convey. At the Moco Museum, each artist has a particular way of expressing his or her opinion.

Art that cares for the planet

Nowadays people are more aware of the importance of taking care of the planet. However, not everyone is aware of the damage that is still being caused to the ecosystem. That is why the Moco Museum together with the creative agency The Visionary Lab invited a selection of designers and artists to show people the damage that the denim industry is causing to the planet. There are several artistic creations that are part of this extravagant exhibition that seeks to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce the ecological footprint caused by the denim industry. To do so, changes in industrial processes are required. In this way, the Moco Museum joins the global campaign to preserve the health of our planet for future generations.

Every second counts in the race to save the planet

Experts say that we have little time to change our habits to prevent our planet from being irreversibly affected. In fact, scientific studies have shown that if we fail to prevent the earth’s temperature from rising by 1.5°C in the next few years, the world’s population will face serious consequences. For example, 350,000,000 people could be left without access to drinking water. In addition, climate change will affect crops, farm animals and fisheries. This will result in many more people not having access to a balanced diet. Heat waves would become more common, affecting 14% of the world’s population. If we want to achieve a sustainable future for our planet, we must act now. We only have one planet and we must take care of it.

By Milky